Flisvos-your place in the sun

*Sunset Flisvos Crete*

diese Bilder sollen einfach wirken, deshalb keine Untertitel


crete sun crete appartement chair  in the sun crete

crete room crete accommodation sun sunset

Sometimes pictures are just used to frame or emphasize the text, but here our pictures should affect you solely.

Do you want to share your lovely holiday memeories with us and publish your own pictures on this site - maybe your unforgettable moments you spent with us in our rooms or appartements? Don´t hesitate to send me your best pictures (jpg), accorded with a view words or your story you memorize with your pictures and I will publish it here for you. A short summary regarding the contents of your pictures such as "Olivetrees","Nature","Vintage","Greek-locals", "Market" would be helpful. Let your thoughts run free and send your lovely memories via E-Mail

To create and name your own album a minimum of 8 pictures would be useful.

I would be pleased to publish and add your own holiday shots to our Photo-Gallery.

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